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Default RE: Princess' new dining program


I monitor Princess's web site for news releases regularly, and have not seen anything about such a program. It would seem that such a program would get a splashy announcement.

Aboard MV Sun Princess, MV Dawn Princess, MV Sea Princess, and MV Ocean Princess, Horizon Court offers both buffet and bistro options and the pizzeria at the top of the atrium also serves passengers on a walk-in basis in the evening at no extra charge. I understand that the MV Crown Princess, MV Regal Princess, and MV Royal Princess have similar options in their lido buffet areas. Thus, I see no reason to offer a similar service in the main dining rooms. Curiously, the alternative restaurants with table service aboard MV Grand Princess (The Painted Desert and Sabatini's) require advance reservations and a cover charge....

I do agree with several other respondents that this is not the direction in which Princess would go. I personally look forward to "coming together" for dinner with a stable group of tablemates each evening for dinner, and have developed several friendships in this way.

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