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My parents just got back from Europe on the Grand. My mother had been VERY excited for this cruise - she had been on two other cruises on board RCCL's Sovereign of the Seas. I'm sorry to say, I think she was fairly disappointed in the ship, the food and the service - and she is not one to complain about that kind of stuff AT ALL - she's just glad to be there. But, when I asked her about the ship, she said everyone they met, including their 6 table mates, felt the ship was too big, that the food was not as good as Sovereign of the Seas, and that the service was not friendly or warm at all. She said the cabin steward didn't provide them with some papers they were supposed to receive, when she didn't eat very much one night, the waiter didn't try to see if there was anything else she'd like, etc. I asked her if the ship was pretty, again, she said she didn't think it was as pretty as the SOS! Finally, I said what about the library? She said it was small and noisy cause I guess it was on a busy, active deck instead of secluded. I asked her about the entertainment - she said she saw some shows and that many of them were good, but again, she was surprised a the LACK of shows - she said most nights, all they showed was a movie! She felt she could see a movie at home! All in all, they had a really good time on the cruise, because they didn't HATE the ship or anything, and they enjoyed the ports, but they felt the ship was pretty mediocre. Again, she said everyone else they spoke with, including people who had been on over 50 cruises, agreed that, although the ship was ok, it was way too big and impersonal. In fact, she said everyone was lost the whole time - it wasn't till the end of the 12 day cruise, that everyone started getting their bearings...

I'm going on the Millennium next week, and tell you what I think! It only has 1800 passengers vs. the 2800 or so on the Grand.
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