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Default RE: Princess Freestyle - TRUE

Since they asked me for my choice of names, I suppose that I should be pleased that my choice (and obviously the choice of the majority they polled) was ultimately theirs. I will say that providing both options seems more acceptable than NCL's arbitrary imposition of "freestyle cruising". I am sure that there would be occasions where I might opt to dine according to my schedule instead of the cruiseline's, but I too wonder about the logistics and how they will be able to devote one whole dining room to the new concept while accommodating those who prefer the traditional style in the other room or rooms. I thought that the specialty restaurants pretty much served this purpose already.
How long will it be until someone posts that they will now be able to eat dinner in the open style dining room and still make their first or second seating for another full dinner? Can feel those pounds being piled on already.

It seems that someone has convinced the cruiselines that in the competition between cruise vacations and land-based vacations, the land-based resorts are winning, and to succeed the cruiselines will have to offer an experience more like that which is offered on land. Frankly, I take cruise vacations because I prefer the cruise experience and the special features they offer and if I wanted a land-resort type of vacation I would go to one, not to a cruise ship.I just hope that in their zeal to attract new customers to fill their big new ships, they don't forget about us traditional cruisers who got them where they are today.
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