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Default RE: Princess Freestyle - TRUE

Well, Donna. I don't like it. Say for instance, you have more people who want the traaditional venue for both early and late thann you have available seating for??? Do they say. sorry.... sold out. You'll have to stand IN LINE at the restaurant desk and make reservations for another venue?????? For you naysayers..... this could very well be a possibility - especially on the longer cruises which attract an older, more traditional passenger.

Fleet wide??????? On the Pacific and Royal???? Surely, they jest.

I don't think this was adequately researched. Coming originally from a product marketing background... I've seen too many companies follow their research "results"... only to be soundly defeated in the marketplace. I would have let NCL make all the mistakes first (keep in mind she really doesn't have the same size vessels as the Grand and Golden). NCL needed a niche in the market. Princess has enjoyed a very good market share. I think this "idea" of their's is more a preemptive strike against losing marketshare... though in my heart of hearts, I don't think their passenger is NCL's passenger and vice versa.

Reports have been fine from the Majesty. Keep in mind the Bermuda run. You are in port at night. Big difference. And what about the entertainment each evening?????? Are you going to have hords of people clammering for tables at certain peaks.... say 6:15 and 8:15????? Are or they going to cut the shows down and just repeat them say 4 or 5 times during the cruise.... "Just to make sure everybody gets to enjoy....."

And finally......say good bye to the shipwide elegance of "formal" nights. Welcome Aboard Cocktail party in..........jeans and sneakers?????????

For certain, the one job I would not want would be that of the restaurant manager!!
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