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Default RE: Princess Freestyle - TRUE

How are they going to manage the BAKED ALASKA routine with people coming and going in the dining room at different times? Are they going to serve dessert those people who have just started their appetizers? Say goodbye to another feature unique to cruiseship vacations...more and more like a land-based resort! IMHO

Hi Sail7seas,
Totally agree with you about this concept being more like a land-based resort.
Thats one of the main reasons we enjoy cruising the whole dinner atmosphere, formal, casual, etc. Can't imagine how they would do the Baked Alaska the way they do now. Also, how can they assign everyone a dinner seating, not really knowing who will show up or not, there just isn't that much space?? Especially if you could decide day by day to go to the regular dinner or the freestyle? I think there will be a lot of bugs to work out until it runs smooth??

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