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Default RE: Photo's Pacific Princess

Boy does that picture bring back memories. I was on the Island Princess back
in 92 for a Hawaii to Vancouver crossing. Some of my better cruise memories
even though we moved in total fog from the time we left the islands until we got
very close to Canada. Too funny and you talk about a bunch of cranky people
on board like it was the cruise lines fault! I loved it, thought it was exciting.
This was a last cruise with a friend of mine who was ill.

We had met on the Norway in 84 and took cruises together. In 96, I took one more transatlantic on the Norway because she asked me to do it for her if the Norway ever sailed another transatlantic. We pulled into the port at LeHavre France and there sat the Island Princess!!!! I have pictures of the two ships side by side as we were docking!!! Talk about a strange coincidence. I thought the
Island Princess was just a great ship and in all the years I read magazines and
articles about her and the Pacific I didn't see complaints, only praise and I would
go on either one again in a minute, well maybe two (have to pack you know)!
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