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Default RE: Grand Princess cabin


I doubt that you will have much problem with noise from the pool area. I have stayed in similar cabins aboard other Princess vessels built by the same yard and have never had a problem, even when "sleeping in" until nearly noontime. The cabins on Princess vessels seem to have exceptional sound insulation.

BTW, I would not worry too much about noise on MV Grand Princess. The pool areas tend to be active from mid-morning until late afternoon, but they are not configured very well for nighttime events such as "Island Night" that are very popular aboard other Princess vessels.

The balconies aboard MV Grand Princess probably will be shaded at midday. In the morning and in the afternoon, there's a "sunny side" (on which the sun shines into the balcony under the deck above) and a "shady side" (on which the balcony gets no sun). Which is which obviously depends upon the ship's heading and the time of day.

Have a great cruise!

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