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Default RE: Grand vs. Sea

Just got off the Grand on its last European run-Istanbul to Barcelona -now it heads to the Caribbean. I found the ship VERY easy to get around, tho the walks are LONG if you happen to be astern and want to go the the most forward areas; in fact I found it LESS confusing than many ships; you will find a little card thingy in the pocket of your "Hotel" amenities book/stationary book that you can carry with you; the key is that odd numbered rooms have BLUE background carpet & even numbered RUST background!!!!
Another very strong plus in my book was the Captain, Andrew Proctor -formerly on the Royal Princess [ we sailed with him on a TransAtlantic 2 years ago!] He is a HUGE plus; soft voiced Scotsman with a genial sense of humor. We rode out the remnants of Hurricane "Bonnie" -and he kept us informed at all times of how we were doing, and did it VERY calmly & efficiently on the Royal! I am a REAL fan of this man's.
If you have never been to Hawaii, cruising may be your best choice; but after going to Maui -by choice - many times, a cruise we took on the old "Star" Princess left us frustrated in Hawaii because one day costs to go where we wanted to go [secluded beaches] were cost prohibitive. If I were going to Hawaii to STAY, I could SURELY cruise there and enjoy it a lot; but the one-day-in-port left me wanting. The Caribbean ports aren't like that; one day is plenty in most ports there. Enjoy the Grand; it is a large ship with a small uncrowded FEEL.
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