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Default Shore excursions booked

We booked our excursions for our 11/25 Sea Princess sailing this week. Did it online with no problem. Will also be faxing, just in case. Also, our immigration and credit card forms ask for a social sec. #, but there is no spot online to put it so we need to fax those anyway.
Booked the following:
Ocho Rios: Dunn's River Falls and Prospect Plantation. We really only want the falls, but no ex. is offered to just the falls. Could have done the highlights, but that offers 1-2 hrs. at the duty free shop. Something we aren't interested in. Also though about the yacht to the falls, but it's twice the cost and only avail. in the afternoon. With the one we chose (9-1), we're back on board for lunch.
Cozumel: We did book the jeep adventure. See my note to Kuki under that heading.
Cayman: boy was this tough! We wanted to do everything. We chose highlights 8-10:30, inc. turtle farm, Hell, rum cake factory (with samples), gingerbread house and 7 mi. beach. Then 11:30-2:30, snorkeling w/the rays.

Wish I could go tomorrow! 49 days left!
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