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Default RE: cruisers on Golden Med cruise

Helen, I replied to your earlier message but I dont see it listed so here goes again, just in case.
Shadetree is only a block from our home so we are neighbors with your granddaughters. We may have seen them when we take our walks (that we stopped taking in the hot weather and havent started again....yet...need to build up my endurance for Europe). If there are children in the house my daughter may know them.
We are sending a packet of information to my step children that live in Amarillo. They are going with us (they are teens) but, have not seen any broshures and we want to generate some enthusiasm. I ordered a tape today from Princess if you are interested in seeing it just let me know.
Cant wait to talk about tours, but I guess we'll have a while to wait.
Keep in Touch,
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