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Default RE: Crown Princess & Panama Canal

The problem with the CROWN PRINCESS (and the REGAL PRINCESS, for that matter) is that, for the Panama Canal (and selected other itineraries for other reasons), you want to be able to see the activities at the locks. This requires forward viewing. (You can also see where you've been ... lots of rear views ... but that's not what transiting the canal is all about!) You can sit in the dome (where the casino is located), but you can't take any pictures through the windows, and seating is limited. There is a VERY small viewing platform at the front of the BAJA deck (limited to about 40 or so people), but limited railing space for good picture taking. In my opinion, the best ships for the Panama Canal are the ROYAL PRINCESS and the SUN PRINCESS (and its sister ships, the DAWN/SEA/OCEAN). Also, be aware that it can be very HOT during the canal transit.
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