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Default RE: cruisers on Golden Med cruise

The girls are Leah who will be 16 at Cruise time and Chelsea who will be almost 12. They get along very well but because of the age differences they found friends who were sisters on our last cruise so they could hang with kids their own ages. Chelsea would love to be with Leah but cannot attend the teen activities. I'm hoping Chelsea can find a friend because it is likely that she will be too shy to attend the organized activities for her age group. Mitch is the boy. He will be 18 at cruise time. He is also shy and will probably play computer games and be with us. It would be nice for him to meet someone also. Mitch and Leah are my husbands children and live in Amarillo. Chelsea lives with us. They are all great kids (sweet, smart, and kind).
I wish our cabins were higher in the ship like yours. Do you think it makes a big difference?
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