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Default RE: Sea Princess - Dining Problems? Link

My girlfriend and I were on this very same cruise last week (unfortunately we were among those disembarking in Acapulco). I made the comment to her that I did not think the food was all that good. This was our second trip on the Dawn and one of the reasons we went again was the food. I was pretty disappointed to see the exact same menu, even in the exact same presentation order from the Caribbean trip we did 16 months ago. I can vouch for the comment that the French Onion soup was pretty week and the lobster not only small but hammered as well. The pasta was ok, but fairly bland. My steaks were never cooked medium rare and had to be sent back each time.

Did not see any drunk waiters, Alberto was very good and always friendly.

I hope this situation gets fixed soon as the Dawn is a beautiful ship and deserved much better in the food department.
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