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Hi Tammy,

At exactly 210 days from our embarkation, I called my travel agent with the dates, airline and flight numbers that we wanted. While I was on the phone, the TA called Princess, found out that the flights were available and that the flights would not cost more than the scheduled princess fare plus the $35 deviation fee. I asked when I could book seats and they said within an hour. I called the airline within an hour and Princess had already booked our seats for us.
We usually do our own air but this trip is out of San Juan and this year, the Princess air was less expensive than anything I could get on my own. We did not want to wait around since the non stop flights could sell out.

Princess will not do air deviations until you reach the 210 - 45 day window prior to departure. Your cruise is within this time frame so your TA should have gotten a confirmation. Actually booking seats will depend on the airline policy. Have your TA call Princess Seabird Gold and confirm that they received fax and that ALL 20 of you are confirmed. You should get an immediate confirmation.
(The 2 week notice is for passengers that book air but do not do the air deviation.They receive flight information with their documents.)
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