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Once we booked w/air deviation, we had our flight numbers and arrival times the following day. Our airport was undergoing HEAVY construction and with traffic patterns and lack of parking there and being the heaviest travel week of the year (we leave the Sat. after US Thanksgiving), we needed to make parking reservations and reservations at the airport hotel ASAP. Couple that with the legs of the trip our t/a told us we'd probably do from her past experience w/Princess (she said Princess likes American and Delta. American doesn't fly from Hartford (CT) to Ft. Lauderdale at all. The Delta direct flights fill up fast, so we were looking at traveling all day and just making the ship by 4 if all flights went on time.) and we decided that the $35 deviation fee was worth it.
The construction was not supposed to be done until the spring 2001. However, I work for a newspaper here and we got a press invite for the grand opening---it was finished 6 mo. ahead of schedule! Still glad we did the deviation. Now we leave at 9 a.m. and get into FLL at 12:30...plenty of time, even if we're delayed. Let's just hope the weather's good.
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