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I sailed on the former Sea Princess a week after the Achille Lauro on the same route. When we flew out of London to meet the ship in Venice, there was a little tension as everyone wondered what we were in for and how many had cancelled their trip.

We were reassured that P&O were keeping close watch on the situation and would avoid any tense situations if they arose. There was extra security on board and we were scanned with a metal detector before we boarded the ship. BBC updates were announced for anyone wanting to keep in touch. There was a lot of action at sea with military ships and helicopters passing by but I heard that is common in that part of the world.

We enjoyed ourselves too much to allow any worries to spoil our cruise. We felt confident that those in command wouldn't take any risks to involve another ship in any world scandal. I can assure you that if there were any other minor delays because of extra security, most on board would not even remember them. It was a fantastic cruise down the Suez Canal, over to Jordan, Israel, Turkey and ending with Greece. Go with no worries.
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