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I also watched that program and agree with Bumble Bee that it was sensationalized. It would not have been a good piece if the title was Cruising is safe.

By having the onboard accounts, the cruiselines have pretty much eliminated the need for passengers to carry money and credit cards on board ship. This reduces the possibilities of theft. My sister won a large sum of cash playing Bingo on one cruiseline. Security was very tight around her while her board was being verified and the cruiseline also placed her winnings in an envelope and had her sign over the sealed flap. Security took her with that envelope to the casino and placed the envelope in the casino safe until the end of the cruise. They went out of their way to ensure that no one would have an opportunity to steal her winnings by making it known that she and the money were under security watch.

Good judgement is required to stay out of trouble no matter what you do, no matter where you go!
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