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Default RE: motion sickness

My wife AKA the sea sick queen started using the patch and has absolututely NO problems with it. It was causing a lot of side afect problems and they took it off the market and reformulated it. Works wonders for my wife. We have been on a windjammer that was as a wild a ride as I ever had in 20 years in the navy prior to the patch she would have been a sick sick sick puppy. (actually on our first windjammer she was the first to go down, as soon as we cleared St Georges (Grenada) harbor altho she wasn't alone of about 55 passengers only 3 of us (myself and 2 ladies) made it thru dinner). With the patch, when we went rock and roll between Antigua and Nevis she owok me up with 2 questions 1) are going to sink? 2) How the hell can you in bed?Found out the next morning that before she went back to be she put money in her little neck purse in case we sank and had to swim ashore we would have beer money
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