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Dear Norm,

I understand your view point about being dressed up on the Formal nights because it does give a nice atmosphere. BUT I have traveled on Cunard to Carninval and I have seen the gammit. I think the cruiselines now are offering the alternative dining for people who may not want to get dressed up. That is fine because that is their choice. We have to understand that times have changed and going on a cruise is not the way it was in years past. I think it should be mandatory for people to be dressed for the Formal part of the evening (The Captain's Cocktail Party, Gala and Welcome aboard dinners, and Return Passenger's Party). If someone does not feel comfortable not wearing their formal attire to a show, dancing in the disco, or in the casino that should be OK. That is the reason why people are vacation. So, I don't think we should be snotty and perk our noses up to everyone, but maybe you can enjoy your evening your way and we're so excited can enjoy thier evening their way.

Wishing everyone a wonderful trip,

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