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I am sorry my opinion bothers you. But I do have both the right and choice to wear what I want during the evening. I shall dress appropriately for certain times, during the captain's cocktail party, dinners etc. But afterwards it's my choice. I don't know who Mr. Ratcliffe is. But I hope you aren't the type to have run and told the teacher everytime a classmate didn't do what you like.
I hate taking things down to a personal level. But these boards are designed for all people to express their opinions, experiences and general thoughts.

It is after all quite rediculous to expect all to conform to one set of standards. Dressing down doesn't mean I'm going to run around like a madman. But if you want strict conformity I would consider, you having a few drinks before leaving your cabin as this will make your cruise more appealing.

Have a safe cruise.
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