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You're a major snob. There are no cruise lines outside of maybe Windjammer that don't have formal nights. I couldn't care less about you being a stockholder. For all you know so am I. And if you turn this or any other cruiseline into a totalitarian regime where they control your thoughts people will choose to do what they want. I don't believe that people should go to dinner in a pair of shorts or the same for the captain's cocktail parties. But I do want to enjoy myself to the fullest I can. Would you prefer me to wear my tux into the swimming pool at night, because it's formal night? I hope you do address this with management, but unless you have a majority of the stock. You're a fool to think they're going to listen to a self proclaimed keeper of the faith. So I hope that not only are we on the same cruise but that I am sitting at your table. In my shorts and a ripped t-shirt.
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