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Norm, you are one giant boob. Senior or junior, this is not reality. Recomendations as defined in the dictionary is a far cry from an order or demand. It is merely a suggestion. Policies when created are guidelines to be followed. These are as stated are not policies, but suggestions. I understand your narrow minded viewpoint. Which you, of course, are allowed to have. But casual dining means casual dining. It does not specify a dress code nor is it implied. Formal dress for the evening is a request of the cruiseline for the evening but it nowhere states in any document, policy, or procedure that it is a mandatory objective. If all chose to be formal than ok. But that is an individual choice. On vacation whether going to a country club or lounging in the back yard. It is still vacation. Open your mind and except people for who they are and what they do. You seem to be a very old military man but you must know that you should never strictly follow orders blindly.

If you don't like it, buck up soldier. Write to the president. In the mean time I just went to dinner in my underwear.

I love you norm. See you on my next cruise.
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