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Default RE: Sea Princess Photos

We are taking the family, so we have two Inside Cabins on the Caribe deck. We are sailing January 27th. With the weather here in Oklahoma, we can hardly wait to get out of here and enjoy some warm sunshine.
You made a comment on seasickness, so let me offer some advice. I know this will sound crazy, but my wife swears it works. She suffers a bit and a nice elderly lady told her about this on one of our cruises. Now my wife swears by it: take a piece of a brown paper bag and place it on your stomach against the skin. Yes, you wear it under your clothes. I know it sounds like a joke, but if you could talk to my wife, you would know it works for her. I disagree with the posting that it is all in the mind. Well, it may be to a certain degree, in that it is caused mainly by the imbalance within the inner ear. We tried the patch on our daughter, and one of the bad side effects was that it caused her vision to blur while she used it. I've also heard that taking ginger tablets help. All things considered, it is worth trying the paper bag.
If you're on the same cruise, you can ask my wife herself.
Counting the days . . . .
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