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Default Re: Princess Fare Premiums?


Cases in point: Golden Princess Europe 2001 Special Introductory Fares are identical to their Captain's Circle Fares. That's the case also for Pacific & Crown Princess Special Africa/Mediterranean & Transatlantic sailings in April.

Sailed Princess for the first time last November and they have a great product to offer. However, I am extremely disappointed at the fact that past passengers are not always extended better fares than the general public.

Furthermore, after 4 months, I have yet to receive my Captain's Club package after 3 phone calls to Princess. They just tell that they are "backlogged". I hope that they are backlogged with new bookings from first-timers because I'm about ready to book our next cruise on Celebrity, anyhow.

On top of that, since we cruised Princess, the special mailings and e-mails stopped coming.


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