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Default New Dining Option Outdoor Steakhouse

FYI......I found this on the Princess website


Latest Personal Choice Dining Option is Industry First

Adding yet another exciting element to its Personal Choice Dining program, Princess has cooked up the cruise industry's first outdoor steakhouse, to be featured aboard each of its Sun-class ships -- Sun Princess, Dawn Princess, Sea Princess and Ocean Princess. Recently tested aboard Sea Princess to rave reviews, this new option is the only al fresco dining area afloat to showcase American steakhouse favorites. The new dining option is available aboard each vessel this month.

The new "Sterling Steakhouse," as it is called, features special cuts of Angus beef from the famous "Sterling Silver" brand, along with popular side dishes and desserts found at shoreside steakhouses. Passengers dine under the stars between the hours of 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm in the special atmosphere of a sheltered deck area overlooking each ship's pool, complete with special table settings of decorative linens, fine cutlery and table lanterns. The new steakhouse also gives passengers the unique option of choosing their own prime cut of beef from a presentation tray, and watching as the chef cooks their selection.

"Once again, Princess has created a dining experience that exists nowhere else in the cruise industry," said Dean Brown, Princess' executive vice president of sales, marketing and customer service. "This is yet another show of our commitment to developing unique culinary options for our passengers as part of our Personal Choice Cruising philosophy, which enables them to design a dining experience around their own personal preferences."

Steakhouse patrons can choose from four different cuts of beef, exclusively available in this dining venue, in several sizes - Rib Eye (10- and 12-oz. portions), New York Strip (10 and 12 oz.), Porter House (20 oz.) and Filet Mignon (8 and 10 oz.). A barbeque chicken option is available as well, as are a selection of favorite steakhouse extras -- with starters such as a blooming onion, jalapeno poppers, hearty chili and fresh Caesar salad tossed tableside. Steaks are accompanied by a choice of traditional options, including baked potato or fries, creamed spinach and corn on the cob. For those who still have room after the meal, a selection of homestyle specialty desserts is available as well.

The steakhouse is currently offered at Sea Princess' Riviera Grill, Dawn Princess' Balcony Grill and Ocean Princess' Riviera Grill restaurants, and will be in place at Sun Princess' Terrace Grill before the end of March. The restaurants can accommodate approximately 70 passengers each evening, and reservations are recommended. This special experience is available for an $8 per person charge.

The Sterling Steakhouse joins an array of dining choices aboard these Sun-class vessels. Sun Princess made history when it debuted in 1995 with the cruise industry's first 24-hour restaurant, the Horizon Court. All new Princess ships now include this popular feature, which offers a 'round-the-clock buffet as well as a late evening bistro menu with table service. Passengers will also find special culinary offerings here, such as the ships' popular lunchtime sushi bar. Sun-class vessels also feature Princess' trademark pizzeria, a patisserie, a wine and caviar bar, an ice cream shop and 24-hour room service, in addition to the ships' two main dining rooms.

Princess ships all feature Personal Choice Cruising, a fleet-wide dedication to providing passengers with a wide variety of options with which to customize their vacations. The line's ships are designed to offer an array of choices in dining, entertainment and amenities, including Princess' innovative Personal Choice Dining program, the only program in the industry which enables passengers to choose either a flexible restaurant-style or traditional fixed seating dining experience within the main dining rooms.
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