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Default Re: Scuba/Snorkeling Question

CAUTION! If you are doing any SCUBA diving be sure to get a waterproof container at a real dive shop. The water pressure will cause any other type of waterproof bag to leak when you dive. If all you are doing is snorkeling I bet any type of waterproof bag would be fine for credit cards, ID, money, etc. But I would not bring an expensive camera anywhere near the water. We always only take an ID, some cash, and maybe a credit card with us. No need to carry passports or anything of real value that can't easily be replaced. Besides, water won't hurt cash or plastic cards. The best type of waterproof bag we have used is a small platis box that has rubber seals all around the egdes and can be tied to your clothing or hooked onto your scuba gear. They are available at any dive shop. We've also used the clear plastic bag type bag that is like a heavy duty ziploc that then folds down several times at the opening and velco's shut. This works great on out boat but, I don't know if it would leak if pulled under water very far. Have a GREAT time. You will LOVE SCUBA.
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