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Default Re: Immigration Forms???


Did you receive another immigration Form also? The Long white one?MacTarheel wrote:
> Hi Lisa...
> This is the same runaround that I got last year from Princess
> and my TA. We had all the pre-cruise forms completed and
> ready to board when they told us that we had to fill out a
> Bahamas Immigration Card. So we had to stop at a table and
> complete forms for both of us. It didn't take long... just a
> pain since we were anxious to board and had everything else
> done. I inquired at the check-in about why the form was not
> in the package. The Princess agent said that the TA is
> suppose to provide those to the passengers.
> When I returned home, I asked my TA about the form. She
> claimed that Princess is suppose to include them with the
> tickets as all other cruise lines do. Round and round we go.
> Just yesterday, I picked up my tickets for the Grand
> Princess... and guess what... no Bahamas Immigration Cards.
> My TA still insisted that is was an error by Princess. I
> insisted that I didn't care... find me some forms. Now I
> have ALL the forms and everyone's happy. <grins>
> I would insist that TA get the forms to you. That is part of
> the TA's responsibility, whether they get a supply from
> Princess or snatch them from some else's ticket package.
> Good luck and smooth cruising... Bob
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