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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Hi Linder...

Actually, according to the letter of instructions that came with the Pre-cruise Information Forms, you <u>are suppose</u> to complete the forms and MAIL them in exactly as you have done. Or you could have faxed the forms to them or you could have called in the information to their toll-free number or you could complete the information online at their Web site.

I completed the info online and the immigration, passport numbers, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. all came pre-printed on my tickets. I will still complete the letter size white form and the Bahamas card and take them with me.

I am as confused as you about them needing a hard copy. I remember the same problem last year. Even though they had the information in their computers, they still wanted a hard copy at the check-in desk, which fortunately I had completed and took with me. However, I was not supplied with the Bahamas Immigration card ahead of time so I had to complete that at the embarkation area.

I would call Princess directly (800-421-1700) and get them to fax a copy back to you of the forms you mailed in. Also, be sure to get the Bahamas Immigration cards from your travel agent. That will save you some time at the pier.

Hope this helps.

Ninth cruise, fifth on Princess in nine days... Bob "MacTarheel"
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