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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

When my clients started asking about this Bahamas form not being part of the cruise documents anymore I called Princess right away. They acted like they had no idea (this wasn't just one person) You have to go through many people to get through to the documents dept.
After getting a lot of poor excuses and "I don't know why's" I made a few more phone calls, went to supervisors, group dept., document dept. etc. Finally I got hold of someone that seemed like she cared and when I asked them to send me a box of 50 forms overnight she promised that she would on 3/28/01. Well, at about 6:30pm on 3/29 I received a phone call from this same person that promised the forms to me. She tells me that she is very sorry but there are a total of 3 Bahamas forms in the entire document office at Princess in Califonia. She offered to overnight the 3 forms to me via Fed Ex. When I asked her what the REAL problem was she told me that the US company was unable to get them from the supplier in the Bahamas and they are out of them. She did tell me that my clients can go to the pier in Florida and fill the forms out before they get on the ship. Now my problem is this...are there no printers in Calif. that can copy the forms? Do they not have shipping in Florida since there are tens of thousands of the forms sitting on the little tables as you go to get on the ship? Can't they just Fed Ex some of them to Calif? I am here to tell you that a travel agents job can be a real pain over the smallest problems beyond our control. My only solution to this problem is that when I go to get on the Grand Princess on 4/29/01 I plan on "stealing" a stack of these forms so that my 60 people that I currently have booked on Princess don't have to go to this board and tell everyone that their TA screwed up. Believe me when I tell you that it is a Princess problem and not the TA's problem. Hopefully Calif. finds a printer soon or Florida gets a Fed Ex all I have to do is wait until Fed Ex shows up so that I can satisfy 3 clients today. In the meantime I guess the more voices heard in the Princess docs dept. the better so go for it!
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