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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Finally... someone taking some action instead of pointing the finger to someone else and saying... "It's their fault." Good work Kim!

Perhaps, if we could mobilize some people to contact the "powers that be" at Princess, we could get this little aggravation resolved for everyone. There is absolutely no reason that the passengers should have to be inconvenienced by having to stop with carry-on luggage and children in some cases to fill out a form that could have easily be done at home. Granted, Princess has a far superior embarkation process to most lines. But why do they want to may the check-in process any more cumbersome than it already is? I just don't understand why Princess can't simply include the forms with the tickets. As you indicated, there is obviously a supply of them SOMEWHERE or they would not have stacks of them at the embarkation area.

Kim, please try find out the name and e-mail address of a <u>decision-making person</u> that we can contact about our concerns. We passengers are spending thousands of dollars with Princess and can certainly let our displeasure with this inconvenience be known.

Bob "MacTarheel".... who has his Bahamas Immigration cards in hand
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