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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

I also think that this should be posted on every internet board to get the attention of the powers that be.

This is the only board who did not just toss it as a "Who Cares" problem and start attacking people as whiners.

Lisa, I hope you are still around, and didn't let the other boards bother you.

Kim, you ARE the BEST!!!!!!!!!

Bob, you were very helpful and provided me with great info.

Way back, Princess had dropped the ball and had a poor reputation, but gained it back in the mid nineties. They lost my business at that time and many others due to poor attitude, service and food.

Is this indicative of things to come? I hope not, because I have never had a bad cruise on any line, and each Princess cruise has been better than the one before.

Please keep posting this problem to as many boards as possible.
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