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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Well, I don't know what to tell you, we just returned from the Sea Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale a few weeks ago (had a great time) and we had none of the above problems. I pre-registered everything online prior to the cruise (along with our excursion requests - and the tickets we found waiting for us in our cabin) and printed the forms "just in case." The Immigration form for the Bahamas was included with our final cruise documents, (as was all the "online submitted information" printed on the Princess voucher tickets). I seem to recall a person at the terminal reminding everyone that you had to have the form filled out prior to getting into the check-in line, had extras for you and they provided tables for people to use. Once at check-in, they didn't ask us to re-submit any documentation, just took the Immigration form, ran our credit card thru for signature, handed us our on-board cruise card and waived us to the gangway. It was a breeze.
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