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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Hi Sandy...

Glad to hear that everything went so smoothly for you. I had mentioned earlier that Princess has a FAR SUPERIOR embarkation/debarkation system than most cruise lines. Two years ago, we were on the Celebrity Mercury and the embarkation was total <u>chaos</u>. We were kept waiting over an hour in a HUGE room filled with other ill passengers. This will be our fifth cruise with Princess and they have always been much more efficient.

You wrote... The Immigration form for the Bahamas was included with our final cruise documents... Once at check-in, they just took the Immigration form. Therein lies our problem. I, and others who have commented here, did <u>NOT</u> receive this for with our packages. I did not receive the Bahamas Immigration cards this year or last year. It is our understanding that Princess is not including this form with the packages and requiring you to complete it at the dock which I had to do last year. Perhaps you have a thoughtful TA who stuck them in your ticket package prior to giving it to you. Even a TA here has discussed the problem of getting them for her clients. My TA was given the same run-around by the Princess personnel.

I also completed the information online at Princess' Web site (a nice feature). The tickets and white forms come pre-printed with most of the information already entered.

Our complaint is absence of the Bahamas form, something that you fortunately did not have to experience. It would be very easy for Princess to include that form with the packages so they could be completed ahead of time. It is very inconvenient to stop when you are dealing with carry-on luggage (and children in some cases) to fill out this form. Particularly, when it could have easily have been done at home.

I hope this explains our complaint a little better. Hopefully, there is someone at Princess home office that reads this message board.

Bob "MacTarheel"... only nine days left to the Grand Princess
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