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Default Re: Ocean Princess...fabulous!!


First re your Caracas question.....give it a miss. We decided not to go into Caracas based on all of the bad stuff I read on this web site. Others we talked to on the ship who did go were not impressed. We were told that it was a long and boring busride into Caracas. Someone else told us that during the tour of Caracas that they passed a body dumped in front of a funeral parlour. The day after the ship was there apparentlyh there was trouble in Caracas and the tanks were sent in to quell a wildcat strike....not my idea of a good time. This is all second hand information but if I were you I would treat the Caracas stop as a day at sea. The pace is almost too fast with so many ports of call that a day on ship is well worth it.

Secondly, the on board entertainment. You cannot go wrong with any of the shows, they were all excellent and you can vitually see all of them if you plan your time right. We were at second seating at dinner and would then go to one of the two 10:45 shows, which would run for two nights, so that you could see both of them. The shows would then change and you could start your routine over again.

Thirdly, re disembarkation in San Juan: It depends on flight times, tours etc....but plan for an early get up and breakfast. We were up at 6:45 so that I could check in with American Airlines (who come right on board to check you in). We then had breakfast and were just finishin our coffee when they called our 'colour code' to disembark at about 9

Fourthly, re tours. Tours offered by Princess are somewhat expensive. We only took the Princess tour to the Atlantis submarine tour offered in Aruba and did the other things by ourself. Palm Beach in Aruba was nice. Grand Anse Beach in Grenada was great. Trunk Bay in St. Thomas was great. A private tour to some of the sights in Dominica was also good ($25 each). By the way the sub ride is very interesting but the coral colours are not that great here although the fish are interesting. We have had our perspective of coral and fish colours affected though bty having experienced the Great Barrier Reef...nothing like it.

Hope this helps.

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