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Greg Sutton
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Default Re: Ocean Princess...fabulous!!

I just returned from a cruise on the Ocean Princess. I agree, the tour to Caracas was a bust. The bus ride took approximatley one hour. The city is very dirty and trashy. There is a strike within the trash pick-up union and debris is everywhere. There are many shantys on the hillsides. The trip to the Murano glass factory was arduous and you have to endure a treachous mountain road with many curves. I would not go again on this tour. LaGuaria is also very dirty. Most of the folks that I spoke with turned around due the possibility of getting mugged.

Grenada was also a bust. You have to take a tender into the pier. Wait times were very long.

The food and service was excellent. This was my second time with Princess.

Beware of the art auctions. I found that the suggested retail prices quotes were overly inflated. The opening bids seemed to be the average prices in the U.S. on the internet.
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