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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Hi Norm...

Yes, I submitted my information online and it is pre-printed on my tickets. Last year I faxed the information to them and it also was pre-printed on my tickets but at embarkation, they STILL required the hard copy. Also, one of the hard copies is the prior cruise experience questionnaire which is not online. Now that may have changed, but to be on the safe side, I will take the hard copies.

You wrote... "If you need official immigration forms for any ports of call, they should be available on the ship..." Now, this may also be a recent change, but last year, they handed out the <u>Bahamas Immigration cards</u> as we entered and required us to stop and complete them BEFORE we could go to the check-in.

" don't hassle your TA." Hey, that what I pay her the BIG bucks for... and besides she kinda likes it. <he,he,he>

Bob "MacTarheel"... who will know the actual requirements first hand in only FOUR days.
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