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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

Hi again, Norm...

Since I replied earlier, a Princess customer service agent called me in response to another issue that I had posed. While chatting with her, I ask her specifically about the white letter sized hard copies of the pre-cruise documents that you can mail in, fax or complete online. She said that you <u>MUST</u> turn in a hard copy of these forms EVEN if you have already completed it and the information is preprinted on your tickets. If you have mailed it in or did not bring it with you, you will be required to complete a new one before checking in. So, any one going in the future, TAKE THE HARD COPIES (or photocopies) OF THE PRE-CRUISE INFORMATION FORMS WITH YOU. It will save you a lot of inconvenience at the pier.

According to her, you also have to complete the Bahamas Immigration Card prior to check-in and the do not include them in the ticket packages any longer. She had no good explanation why.

I will advise the actual procedure when I return.

Bob "MacTarheel"

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