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Default Re: Immigration Forms???

I just got off the Sea Princess on 3/31 and also had the problem with the Bahamas form. We did not receive this form in our documents and from the looks of it at the terminal, no on else on our cruise did either. We had completed all our documents on-line but ended up completing the other immigration form out again at the terminal. A couple in front of us didn't do this and they were told they had to complete both the Bahama form and the immigration form, even though they had done the second form on-line. The guy checking us in was adamant that they had to complete the form again. They had to leave the line, fill out the form, and get back into the back of the line before checking in.

Save yourself some time and bring a completed immigration form with you and be prepared to do the Bahama form at check in. If not, your embarkation will be delayed.
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