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Default Re: Ocean Princess...fabulous!!

My husband and I also just returned home from our Ocean Princess cruise on Sunday, April 9th. We found the entire experience to be abolutely wonderful and felt as though we were treated as royalty. Yes, it is annoying that you have to pay for soda and ice cream, but at least it was canned soda and not diluted from a tank. We ate all meals in the dining room after the first 2 days when we had breakfast and sometines lunch on the Lido Deck. The dining room service is just so much more classy and we loved being waited upon hand and foot. Where else could you get such attentive service? The Cruise Staff is excellent and very approachable. Bingo was fun and all the entertainment was outstanding. We're going to take the ship again in January to either the Mexican Rivera or the alternate
Carribean route. I can't wait!!
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