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Hi Bob... (what a GREAT name!)

Congratulations on the renewal of your wedding vows. In honor of you and your wife, I'm playing a song that was played at our wedding almost twenty-nine years ago. In answer to your questions, since the weddings and vows renewals are private ceremonies, they are not announced in the Patter. However, my wife and I remember seeing a large group of couples near the chapel late Friday (at sea day) afternoon as we were waiting to go to first seating dinner. They even had the hall blocked off. One of the cruise director's staff was there wearing a corsage and when I inquired, she said they we performing the renewal of vows. I do not know if this is a set procedure or if it changes weekly. The chapel and the flowers were really beautiful. They appeared to be busy all week with weddings. It's really a nice option for those wanting to be married on the cruise.

I booked our cruise late, so we received our ticket package including the excursion information about twelve days before our cruise. I booked the regatta online and the tickets were on the desk in our stateroom when we arrived. Please try to talk your wife into the yacht race (see the attached flyer). It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and sooooo much fun. You can go shopping or snorkeling in many places, but this adventure is available in only a couple of locations in the world. My wife is slightly prone to sea sickness and she took a Bonine tablet that morning and had no problems. She really loved it too. You do not have to know anything about sailing. The crew of three handle all of the technical chores. The passenger crew provide the manual labor. You can participate as much or as little you wish, but I encourage you to join in.

Thanks for the kind words about my messages. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask here or write privately.

Bob "MacTarheel"

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