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Su & Tony
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Default Re: Can you refuse an upgrade?

I would first find out the location of the upgrade. As you go higher in most ships front and back is not necessarily on the very ends. Each deck is different as you go up, so ask you TA which deck you would be upgraded to and cabin number if they know it. We scope the decks very carefully due to past bad locations. Once we were below where deck chairs were used and late at night they started cleaning up and D R A G G I N G them around the deck. We've also had bars and dance floors below and above us... lot's of bassin boom, boom, boom. So get out your magnifying glass. We sail in the 6th of May and have a very good room location with balcony on the Emerald deck forward. But we were told by our TA and Princess to expect an upgrade cause that ships not full. So we're crossing our fingers. Su...
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