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Default Re: Automatic Tipping

Thank you for replying. I am also against this automatic tipping policy only in the sense of choosing traditional dining. I can understand when one chooses alternative dining....

I do not like to add expenses on my credit card as we normally pay cash for everything. I am going to request when I get on board for the tipping to be excluded from our shipboard account (as you did at first). I rather take care of the waiters myself in cash and know they are receiving it immediately.

I also feel that the service on board (because of having automatic tipping policies) won't be up to par as it used to be when the waiter worked for their tips. I am sure the service now isn't as good....its just common sense for one to know they will be getting "a proper" tip so why should they go out of their way or to be very friendly knowing they are still going to get their proper tip?
Granted, we always ended up tipping more for quality service, but even at 37 I prefer the old-fashioned way.

Ok, I will try the Grand, if service isn't good I just won't cruise on Princess again....its simple, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt before I make any judgments.MacTarheel wrote:
> Hi Lynda...
> We recently cruised on the Grand Princess (April 8-15) and we
> chose traditional dining as did about two-thirds of the
> passengers on that cruise. Automatic tipping applies to
> <u>all</u> passengers whether you are on traditional dining
> or Personal Choice dining. They charge each person's cruise
> account $6.50 each day to cover the tips for all dining
> staffs including header waiters and maitre d's.
> I was initially opposed to the automatic gratuity system and
> had cancelled it from my account as soon as I boarded the
> ship. However, during the week, I had an occasion to have a
> long discussion about the subject with Maître d'Hôtel
> Beniamino Acler (the head of all the dining facility
> staffs). He listened patiently and politely and totally
> understood my position, particularly in regards to
> traditional dining. However, after hearing his side of the
> argument, he convinced me that perhaps I was hasty in my
> criticism. I went back and reinstated auto-tipping on my
> account the next day.
> Since we were on traditional dining and had the same waiter
> and assistant waiter all week who gave us excellent service,
> we gave them each an additional cash tip above the auto-tip
> they would receive.
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