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Actually we are into food-if u saw me u would know I like food! We like gourmet fine dinning. We have been to several outstanding resturants in the country. I do not think the food on the Grand for the most part can be compared to great resturants.

We checked everyday at the dinning room what was for lunch and dinner and none of it on paper appealed to us. We thought the combinations of items where weird, or when they had a themed night (except for French) it did not seem too themed-having 2 pastas one night does not make it Italian night in my book. (Of course this is my own personal opinion) When we ate in the dinning room 2xs for breakfast-the food was bland and it was the same exact food for the most part that u could get in the horizon court. I ordered lox and bagels 2xs and the bagel seemed to be a lenders generic bagel and the lox was not a good piece of lox-it had no taste to it. The horizon court was good with variety but it had the same main staples night after night. I did enjoy the room service we had once for lunch-it was fresh. I guess on the whole we thought it was bland and unappealing. The lobster tails on formal night were very small and did not have much taste to them. I LOVE lobster. The lobster tails in Sabitinis was a bit better but still small. The food was not the highlight of our trip. I must say though the Painted Desert,pizza at the grill and prime rib on American nights were very good.
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