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Default Re: Religious Services

Rich & Kathy,

Princess's ships usually do not have chaplains assigned, so they offer services as they are able.

>> There's usually a Jewish Sabbath sevice on Friday evening, though the ship usually provides the necessary articles and supplies and asks that a passenger (who need not be a rabbi) volunteer to lead it.

>> There's usually a non-denominational Christian service on Sunday morning which might be led by either a devout senior officer or a passenger, who may or may not be a minister.

>> If a Catholic presbyter or bishop is travelling as a passenger, the ship usually will invite him to preside at a mass in one of the show rooms for the passengers and crew. Note that Catholic Christians are not obligated to mass if it is not available while at sea.

>> Finally, the tour desk usually has reliable information regarding the locations of churches and the times of their services in the ship's ports of call.

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