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Default Re: What are the advantages in booking early?

This is a different line, but I booked an Oct. 2001 Hawaii cruise with Celebrity last March at Category 2 (just below Suite) and final payment was due last Friday. I watch the website (thankfully Celeb posts prices and available cabins) and message boards and knew last Friday prices had gone down, called my TA and got about a $300 reduction in price. Then watched the boards this week since upgrades would be due to come through, heard a couple nice ones and website showed a price for Suites only $100 more than I'd paid, called my TA to see if I could get upgrade to Sky Suite (2nd level of Suites) for $100 and, while no Sky Suites were available, DID get an upgrade to the first Suite level AND a $400 refund! I'm just tickled! Anyway, for best price you need to do some work yourself, granted your TA can and should be on the look-out for you, but with all the resources available to us especially on-line, we can do a lot ourselves to find the best deals and when to try for a better offer. Granted, there are bookings/specials/etc that won't allow for this, in which case I vote cancel and re-book if you can. I've done both year-ahead and month-ahead bookings, have had some great free surprise upgrades, and of course on the last minute bookings you'll most likely only get what you pay for. I work with a cruise-specialty TA which helps too. Well, that's my success story and opinion. I wish everyone the best cruising deal they can find. Happy cruising!!
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