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Sorry to disappoint you, but your TA gave you very wrong information. Here are the guidelines for dress in the current version of Princess's Cruise Answerbook:

[i] Dressing Up

When you're in port, evening dress is casual; slacks, sweaters, blouses, open-neck shirts, etc. are typically worn. Shorts, cut-off T-shirts, "torn" jeans, and bare feet are notpermitted in the dining room.

For semiformal evenings, passengers dress as they would for a fine restaurant at home, with ladies in skirts/dresses/pantsuits and gentlemen wearing a sportcoat or a suit.

On formal nights, ladies perfer evening gowns or cocktail dresses and men turn out in tuxedos, dinner jackets, or dark suits. [i]

BTW, your travel agent should deliver an official Princess information package containing a copy of the Cruise Answerbook along with information on rental of formal attire (tuxedos or dinner jackets for gentlemen and formal skirt-blouse combinations for ladies), information on shore excursions, and other miscellaneous information shortly after you submit your final payment. The information package also will contain several information forms for advance check-in and reservation of shore excursions. You can either fill out and return the forms or submit the same information on line via the <a href=javascript:gotoSubPage('personalizer');> "Cruise Personalizer" </a> section of the <a href=> Princess web site</a>.

You have to return the forms in the information package with your measurements and selection of formalwear to arrange rental of formalwear through Princess. If you choose this option, Princess will deliver the formalwear to your cabin on embarkation day and you simply leave it there when you vacate your cabin at the end of the cruise.

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