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Default Re: What are the advantages in booking early?

Got this e-mail today regarding the mini-suites; does not include southern part.

on Grand or Golden Princess: LOWEST PRICES EVER!
19 Fall sailings to choose from! - 7 day East or West Carib from Ft. Lauderdale
Choose most dates from 9/9-12/16 (incl. Thanksgiving on Grand Princess)
344 sq. ft. cabin/balcony! GRAND CLASS FLAGSHIPS! GREAT Itineraries!

I have over 125 days with Princess. We usually always booked a year early and then watched all the promotions; when I called asking about a reduction in price, I was always told there was no availability for our date, but I would continue to see the promotions. When I first started sailing with them, I got upgrades. Then I went years with no upgrades; seemed as if they had me so why bother. My last 3 cruises have been with someone else. I really see no advantage of booking early, especially when there are so many cruises available now. Surely if you can't get one cruise, you can get another just as good. Wait for the promotions.
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