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Default Re: Tips being charged to shipboard acct.

It's really much simpler than folks make it out to be - probably because it's a new concept, and so many people are used to traditional methods of tipping. Here goes: If you do nothing, $6.50pp per day will be charged to your account, to be pooled amongst the dining room employees. Personal Choice can result in your not being served by the same waitstaff at each meal (although you can request it), and thus prevents these hard-working people from being stiffed by those who play "musical dining," and (unintentionally or otherwise) do not leave gratuities. If you wish to keep everything as it was, notify the purser, and your account will not be charged. You may tip at the end of each meal, or, as with traditional seatings, take care of your servers at the end of the cruise. I did a little of both. I chose PC dining (which I loved), and tipped my waitstaff a few bucks after each meal. Any such gratuity is theirs to keep, and is not pooled. I also opted to keep the $6.50/day charge on my account, as I usually tip more than the recommended amount anyway. Piece of cake, huh??? Enjoy your cruise!!
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