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Default Re: Tips being charged to shipboard acct.


I thought that tips were only being charged automatically IF you went with personal choice dining, isn't that the case?

This is the sort of confusion created by the somewhat slippery use of the term "Personal Choice Dining" when "open seating" is what's meant. According to the way that Princess uses the terms in their press releases (see, for example, the <a href= announcement of the expansion of the program </a> earlier this year), "Personal Choice Dining" means that the ship offers the option of either "traditional seating" or "open seating" to its passengers.

By Princess's definition of "Personal Choice Dining," your statement is correct. The apparent misunderstanding is that it applies regardless of whether you choose "traditinal dining" or "open seating" aboard the ships that offer this program. The automatic tip does not apply aboard ships that have not implemented "Personal Choice Dining" (currently only MV Pacific Princess, MV Royal Princess, MV Crown Princess, and MV Regal Princess).

Note that the purser's desk will either remove or change the amount of the tip upon request. If you choose traditional seating and you prefer to tip in the traditional way, just ask the purser's desk to remove the automatic tip from your shipboard account and hand out the tips to the dining staff in the traditional way on the last night of the cruise, as before.

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