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Default Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted

in light of the events of 9/11, it appears everyone, that is all countries, are doing their best to protect and assure that citizens and visitors are safe. based on what happened to the "uss cole" , i think an escort is a prudent move. being a veteren member of the law enforcement community, however, i can say with certainty that the reason the trade center and pentagon were targeted on 9/11 is because of what they represented POLITICALLY. these were symbols of the united states. a cruise ship, particularly one of british registry, with a multi national crew and passenger makeup, does not hold this distinction. while it is prudent to take every precaution, including the warship escort, i believe we are very safe aboard a cruise ship.also keep in mind that if we let these people dictate or change our travel plans, they have, in a sense, won a victory.
go and enjoy a cruise, and keep strong in the fact that we must never, ever, let an evil few impact the freedoms of the many.
cruisin' dj
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